I WANT TO WRAP MY CAR! HOW MUCH? We hear this on almost a daily basis, and most people are shocked when we answer them. To do a full wrap on the average car/truck it can cost any where from $1500 - $3000. Don't let this price scare you, this can be one of the best investments you make these days. A billboard can cost you that in a month! A wrap is a moving billboard that you can stand next to and have pride in every day as people come up and ask you about it. Some of our most common questions:
Q: My paint is starting to chip, can I wrap over it? A: You can, but we don't suggest it. When the paint or clear coats starts to chip away this doesn't give the wrap a good surface to adhere to drastically cutting down the life span as well as voids any warranty.
Q: How long will it last? A: On vertical surfaces (doors, fenders, bumpers, etc) solid color changes can last from 5-12 years, depending on the color used. Printed designs can last up to 5 years. On horizontal surfaces (hood, roof, trunk) the life span cuts down drastically due to sun and heat to 2-3 years. Easy removal of vinyl up to 5 years. Constant exposure to sun, extreme heat or cold can lower the life span.
Q: Will it damage the paint? A: The longer you the leave the wrap on the vehicle the more likely it will damage the paint. Discoloration of the paint under the media will occur once the media stars to discolor or crack. This shouldn't happen for years as long as you take care of your wrap. If you notice any cracking or discoloration in the wrap it should be removed immediately. We suggest replacing the wrap 5 years or sooner to help avoid any problems.
Q: $1500-$3000, can you narrow that down? A: We can but it takes a while to do so. We will ask to see the car in person and make sure there is no problems with vehicle and to confirm measurements for the amount of media needed. This price also includes artwork time so the more you know what you want on it, the easier it is for us to figure a design time.
Q: Is there options less then $1500 A: There sure is! We can do partial wraps to small door decals ranging from $50-$1500. Let us know what your budget is and we will work up the best design to fit it.
Q: I have a lot of information, how can we get it all on there? A: Honestly, the best way to make your wrap effective is to keep the information light. The biggest three things on your wrap should be your name, logo and contact (web/phone). The rest of the wrap is to attract attention to the vehicle. You want the customer to be able to quickly read and understand what you do, typically customers only get to look at the vehicle for a few seconds.
Q: How long do you need the vehicle? A: Depending on size and complexity, it can be 2-4 days. The design process can take any where from 1-3 weeks.
Q: Any warranty? A: We give a 1 year warranty on our installs.
Q: What material do you use? A: For our wraps we use the highest grade Avery and Arlon media and laminate giving you the most life out of your wrap. There are many brands out there but we feel this is currently the best when it comes to lifespan, durability, and ease of install.
Feel free to call us with any other questions or concerns. 661-951-1957